Counselling provides the client an opportunity to have regular time to meet with his/her counsellor and to talk in a non judgemental and confidential space. As a counsellor, I do not tell my clients what to do but I do find that by having the space to talk, invariably clients will discover what they want to do about a situation and change emerges.


I have found that counselling can help clients in varying situations. I have worked successfully with many clients suffering from stress, anxiety and depression using breathing and relaxation techniques together with mindfulness practice. Every client is different and I will spend time in the initial session discussing options for how we will work together.

Counselling can also be very helpful for working with a range of emotions. I have worked with many clients who are angry, sad, bereaved, frightened and confused. It often helps to talk to someone who is not a friend or family member but who can be with you as you explore and experience these emotions.


Everyone is different, however many benefits are experienced through counselling. Facing difficulties and problems may be difficult but once confronted, decisions can then be made as to how to move on. Clients have reported many positive changes both in themselves and their relationships.

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